PC Kustom dengan Hardware Kelas Dunia

Powered by ASUS™ adalah program global di lebih dari 40 negara yang menyediakan sistem kustomisasi terbaik. Rig yang dirancang khusus ini menampilkan motherboard dan kartu grafis ASUS terlaris, dengan beragam monitor gaming, router, pendingin CPU, Power Supply, PC Casing, dan peripheral terkemuka di industri yang tersedia untuk perpaduan sempurna antara fitur tersinkronisasi dan kinerja yang disesuaikan.
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Aesthetic finesse with Aura Sync

Up your game with complementary ASUS Aura Sync enhanced aesthetics for a true expression of your individuality. Offering a nearly endless spectrum of colors and patterns, plus the ability to link lighting to music, in-game action, or CPU/GPU temperatures, Aura Sync RGB lighting gives you limitless options to show your unique style.

World's No.1 Motherboard Brand

For more than fifteen years, ASUS motherboards have dominated to become the BEST - Best-selling, Easy to use,
Stable and Trusted - with over 600 million sold and the most awards won. Whether you're crafting a build for work or gaming, a diverse selection of models and innovative features make it easy to find the perfect board for your needs.

Best-selling Graphics Cards

ASUS graphics cards raise the bar with innovations that set new standards across all segments, from mainstream to performance enthusiasts. Industry-leading water cooling and air cooling teamed with trademark head-turning aesthetics have earned ASUS the 2020 and 2021 European Hardware Community Award for Best Graphics Cards, confirming our latest lineup offers the best choice for gaming or content creation.

Our Top Choice

ASUS adalah penerima penghargaan Merek Terlaris untuk Motherboard dan Kartu Grafis. Dengan segala keandalan dan kinerja di setiap komponen, ASUS adalah daftar periksa No.1 di sebagian besar pilihan para penggila PC. Pelanggan kami mengetahui preferensi mereka saat membuat PC yang disesuaikan.

Remarkable Records

ASUS brought home 9 awards in the annual HWZ+HWM Tech Awards 2023. From top-notch components to cutting-edge laptops and accessories, ASUS got you covered! Here are the Tech Awards received by ASUS:

• Best Motherboard Brand (14 consecutive years)
• Best Graphics Card Brand (14 consecutive years)
• Best Gaming Monitor (8 consecutive years)
• Best Wireless Networking Brand (10 consecutive years)
• Best Convertible Laptop Brand
• Best Specialty Laptop Brand
• Best Gaming Laptop Brand

Statistics never lie, the number of awards has proven.
Congratulations to ASUS!

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